The company has a technological focus in the manufacture of small and medium-sized gears (up to 270 mm) which are produced using a cutting system for all types:

  1. straight conical
  2. spiral conical
  3. bevel gears with ground teeth
  4. hypoid conical
  5. ‘formate’ (made with the Gleason system)
  6. cylindrical


Whilst the company operates in the historic markets of geared motors and countershafts for transmission gears, over time the prestige of its technical expertise has established its position in even the most demanding application areas (marine transmission gears; special machinery, including machines for woodwork and soil cultivation), as well as in the highly competitive markets of electrical tools, particularly packaging tools, including the more recent and booming market of spiral conical gear transmissions for electrical vehicles and solutions for e-bike transmissions.


Our more than 25 years of partnership and co-designing with our clients is what enables us to transfer our competitive advantages to our clientele. Converting from the Klingelnberg system to the Gleason system (and vice versa) is a routine process for Spiral. Modern calculation and development systems support clients with:

  • Project planning
  • Calculations: Gleason CAGE software, T.C.A. included.
  1. Kissoft
  2. Related programs for resistance and duration
  3. Three calculation workstations
  • Preliminary Designs
  • Sampling
  • Development
  • Series Budgeting